FRUIT. Magazine Release Party featuring Hilton and Austin Lanier


A couple of weeks ago we had our second FRUIT. Magazine Release party at a facility that regularly gets our magazines and it was amazing! We were so lucky to have Hilton from Hilton Furniture come and speak to our kids about how he came from absolutely nothing, traded a jet ski (the one thing he owned) for his first location of Hilton Furniture, and worked hard to build a successful business. Hilton did a great job instilling in the teens at this facility that they will just keep ending up in a facility or worse if they keep making the same decisions that put them in there but they can be successful and follow their dreams if they make better life choices. It is so important for them to hear that and to hear it from someone as successful as Hilton was even better.

We were also lucky to have Austin Lanier join us again! He talked about struggling with depression, losing everything because of the crowd he was hanging out with, and losing friends to suicide which all led to him finding his identity in God. Austin also performed three of his most popular songs, “New Thangs,” “Me Time,” and “Made It” as well as performing some new music he hasn’t even recorded yet. He really engaged with these kids and made a real connection with them.

At the end we had 10 people accept Jesus and Austin took the time to talk to them about what this decision means in their life and what is next. We also had almost everyone in the room (including the staff at the facility) raise their hand to indicate something that was said made an impact on them. After the main event, we had a VIP reception for the teens with good behavior where they got to have cake, chips, and as many soda refills as they wanted. Overall, this release party was a huge success and we are so thankful for all of the staff at this facility for making it possible!

Tera Swigart