Tera’s Trip to SXSW 2018


Several months ago we were able to have Canon from Reflection Music Group, Austin Lanier from Much Luvv Records, and Tre9 from Eyes On Me perform in one of the juvenile facilities we serve. This awesome opportunity was shared with us by our dear friend in ministry, Tre9. And through preparing for that concert Tre9 introduced Tera to Doc Watson, founder of Reflection Music Group. When she followed up with Doc Watson to thank him for his help in setting up the concert they also discussed how the two ministries might partner. He expressed how much Reflection Music Group loved the mission behind Freestyle Ministries and extended an invitation for Tera to attend their Reflect Greatness SXSW Showcase! He wanted to use it as an opportunity to introduce her to more people in the Christian Hip Hop community. Clearly, this was an offer Tera jumped on.

At the showcase, Reflection Music Group welcomed Tera in and treated her like family. Not only was she able to reconnect with Canon but she was also able to meet Derek Minor, Propaganda, Harmini, Kim Rice Cofield, and many others during the showcase. Each performance was fantastic and Tera was especially impressed by the artists’ use of live guitars and drums. Every artist engaged the crowd so well. Canon even jumped on the bar during his set and Derek's performance had everybody jumping so much it felt like the floor was going to fall through. Overall it was an amazing experience. It was incredible to see a Christian Hip Hop event in the middle of Austin’s massive SXSW music festival bringing in fans and people off the streets to be more than entertained - to be inspired and to hear the Gospel presented in a unique way.

Through this opportunity, Tera was able to make some exciting connections that will influence the future of Freestyle Ministries and FRUIT. magazine. In fact, through the connection with Canon, he is now a member of the FRUIT. Magazine Creative Team, attending our quarterly meetings and giving us great insight into the Christian Hip Hop community! After meeting Derek Minor, we were able to interview him and he will be highlighted in our next issue of FRUIT. magazine!

We are thrilled with the opportunities that have come from attending the Reflect Greatness SXSW Showcase. We would like to specially thank Doc Watson, Reflection Music Group, Canon, and Derek Minor for their interest and involvement in Freestyle Ministries and our mission to educate, equip, and encourage at-risk youth and youth within juvenile facilities to develop a relationship with Jesus, to develop positive lifestyle changes, and to use their God-given gifts and talents to create change in their generation.

Tera Swigart