FRUIT. Magazine Clubs

FRUIT mag club.jpg

We have started a pilot of our FRUIT. Magazine Club in one of the juvenile facilities we serve! FRUIT. Magazine Clubs are like a book club for our teens but instead of reading and discussing a book, they read and discuss the articles in FRUIT. Magazine. The sessions happen once a month and are designed to cover the articles in each issue over a 3-month period. After the three months we move on to the next issue of FRUIT. magazine. We also make sure to leave time at the end of the session for the kids to listen to music recommended in FRUIT. magazine  and reflect on our conversations as they draw or write. Then, to finish, we ask each teen what they are grateful for and how we can pray for them.

We have had a really great experience with this so far! Tera and Carolyn lead one in Houston at a facility that we interact with as an organization a lot. Many of the girls in our FRUIT. Magazine club have written to us multiple times before and after starting the club at their facility. Getting to spend time with them once a month has helped us get to know and pour into girls who write to us so often. It’s also a way we can make FRUIT. Magazine into more than just a magazine, but a community.

If you work at a facility and would like to start a FRUIT. Magazine Club, we write a Leader Guide for each issue. It can be found on our website under the Resources tab. Please let us know if you are doing a FRUIT. Magazine Club in your facility as we’d love to learn how it is going and offer extra support!

Tera Swigart