An Inspiring Submission


Many of the at-risk youth we work with in juvenile facilities are very talented artists, poets, rappers, and writers. These teens have the ability to mail us their work to submit into FRUIT. Magazine for our thousands of readers across the nation to see. We get so many amazing, breathtaking, beautiful, and thought provoking submissions for each issue. We wanted to share with you something we received recently from a talented and wise young lady.

Elizabeth sent us a drawing, the story of her life, and the lyrics to two songs. The drawing says Stay Alive on it and her story about her life is also entitled “Stay Alive.” We were blown away by the level of talent shown in both the drawing and her writing. It was also very cool that the two submissions went together. Elizabeth took it one step further though by using her work to minister to her peers by talking about how God has a plan and a purpose for their life and they need to find it so they can run with it. Here are the submissions for you to see.

inspiring submission drawing.jpg

Stay Alive

Hey y’all, my name’s Elizabeth and I’m from San Antonio. I just want to say that no matter what, everything that’s ever happened and everything that will happen...HAPPENS FOR A REASON! There have been so many times that things should have gone wrong - but they didn’t. Back in 2017, my mother was dying of stage four breast cancer. I moved to New Orleans to stay with her and spend as much time wither here as I could. My mom wasn’t in my life for five years until at age 15 I received the news of her illness. A few weeks before my mom passed away, I had a dream about my mom dying and having to move back to San Antonio. I remember waking up in tears, running to my mom’s room, and thanking Him for every breath my mom was taking. Little did I know though, He was giving me a warning. Two weeks later, my mom is in the hospital on life support. Poison is spreading from her liver to the rest of her body, and the doctors tell me she’s not going to make it. I walk back home in disbelief. As soon as I open the door to the house, I fall to my knees, and cry out to God screaming “WHY?” With tears running down my face, I fly through the room touching everything she owns and hugging her clothes. Then I went to the kitchen and drank 15 shots of whiskey, popped a two hundred dose of seroquel and 4 other antidepressants, and smoke 4 blunts in an attempt to overdose. I didn’t care about what would happen after that or who it would hurt; I just wanted to be with my mom. I passed out and woke up the next day. Since then, I realized that no matter how many times I try to end my life, He will always be there to save me. God has a plan for me and a plan for you. I can’t even begin to describe all the blessings God has given me. If I wasn’t here for a reason, I’d already be dead. In the 16 years that I’ve been alive, God has never stopped blessing me, and He won’t stop blessing you. We’re all here with a purpose, so find that purpose and run with it. Remember, God has a plan for you. Never give up and stay alive, because no matter what happens, He will ALWAYS be there.

Hopefully you have been just as encouraged as Elizabeth’s work as we were! She also wrote two very honest songs that touch on things she feels that many of her peers also feel. She then uses both of her songs to point people back to the Gospel of Jesus which is amazing! Be on the lookout for those songs in Issue 19!

Tera Swigart