Our Latest FRUIT. Magazine Release Party


Our latest FRUIT. Magazine Release Party happened in December at a facility that regularly receives our magazines and it was the best one yet! This party was celebrating the release of Issue 18 which is all about teen parenting. We brought out Tre9, Justified, and Blessed Story to do a show for the kids. Each of them were amazing with kids! It was so fun to watch! Tre9 was able to talk to the kids about what it is like to be married and how amazing it is to have one woman rooting for you and loving you everyday as he introduced his wife as the speaker that day. Amanda, Tre9’s wife, was a teen mom and talked about what she went through and how God redeemed her and brought her a man like Tre9 who loves her deeply as well as loves her daughter as his own. She also talked to both the girls and boys in the room about the kind of things they should be looking for in a person to date and the kind of traits they should have themselves in order to find someone like that.

After the main event, the students with good behavior got to stay for the VIP reception with the performers and speaker. Normally, when the kids who go back to their unit leave, they are handed a magazine. This time, the staff went and distributed magazines and snacks to each unit as an added bonus from us. The kids who stayed at the reception had chips, cake, cupcakes, cookies, and soda! You can imagine how much they loved it. One thing that was memorable about the VIP reception was that some girls went up to Tre9 for his autograph and mentioned that they had never heard a man speak about his wife the way he spoke about Amanda. This just proves the need these kids have for positive influences in their life and we are so thankful God is using us to show the kids things like how real love should look.

We are excited about the FRUIT. Magazine Release Parties happening in 2019 as we plan to do one a quarter at four facilities we regularly work with. The kids love it, the staff love it, we love it and we can’t wait to see how God will use these parties to work in the lives of the teens we work with.

Tera Swigart