Fund The 5th Launch at SXSW

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This month, we had the amazing opportunity to help bring Christian Hip Hop to SXSW, a music festival in Austin, TX, as a sponsor for the Reflect Greatness Showcase put on by Reflection Music Group, Rapzilla, and HipHopDX. We had SO much fun and we were honored to be part of a showcase that was full of talent but also full of artists wanting to share their heart for Jesus.

We used this opportunity to launch our new fundraising campaign, Fund The 5th. When we say the 5th, we are talking about the 5th element of hip hop, knowledge. Hip Hop was built on five foundational elements – Rapping, Deejaying, Breakdance, Graffiti, and Knowledge. The 5th element, KNOWLEDGE, is the element that brings all the other elements together. This knowledge refers to a “Mix of spiritual and political consciousness designed to empower members of oppressed groups” – Travis Gosa, author of The Fifth Element of Hip Hop: Knowledge.

Since Hip Hop and the culture surrounding it is the biggest influencer in the lives of our readers, we had the idea to start a movement to unite the Hip Hop community to bring life-changing knowledge to young people who are caught in the system to help them break free and use their God-given gifts and talents to be a voice for change in their generation.

At SXSW, we divided and conquered. Carolyn mostly talked to people in the crowd about Freestyle Ministries, FRUIT. Magazine, Fund The 5th, and gave them a business card with how they can get involved. Tera spent this time meeting with several CHH artists that were willing to join our movement and post about it on social media. Tera met with names like Canon, Dee-1, Propaganda, Aha Gazelle, and many more!

We are excited to see where God will take our Fund The 5th campaign and what He will do with the relationships we began and cultivated at SXSW.

Click below to read more about Fund The 5th and join the movement by buying a shirt or donating!

Tera Swigart