Why Fund The 5th is Needed


Did you know that roughly 80,000 youth are in the juvenile justice system annually? Did you know that about 70% of them are headed to prison? That is the equivalent of over 74 average sized high schools full of kids heading for prison. That is astounding. We want to do whatever we can to lower that number as much as possible. This is why we publish FRUIT. magazine. We provide drug education, gang education, human trafficking education, positive book and music reviews, stories of people who are successful after overcoming similar challenges, and much more through FRUIT. We do this to educate, equip, and inspire youth within the juvenile justice system and high-risk communities to develop a relationship with Jesus, to develop and maintain positive lifestyle changes, and to use their God-given gifts and talents to create change in their generation.

We regularly have incarcerated adults write to us to say how even though the magazine is meant for youth, it has made an impact in their life. Many of them tell us how much they wished they could have read FRUIT. magazine as a teen. They share how much they wish someone had shown them a better way and helped them see the consequences of their lifestyle before ending up in prison. We publish their writing in the magazine so our kids can learn from their experiences before it is too late. Many of our readers write to us about how specific articles opened their eyes to the dangers of specific drugs, gangs, and practical changes they need to make and more. The most important thing our readers write to us is how reading the magazine opened their eyes to how much God loves them.

So what does this have to do with our Fund The 5th campaign? We want to mobilize the hip hop community (the community that is one of the BIGGEST influences on at risk youth) to raise money to sponsor youth to receive FRUIT. magazine and bring life-changing knowledge to young people who are caught in the system to help them break free and use their God-given gifts and talents to be a voice for change in their generation.

Join the movement to help us reach these kids!

Tera Swigart