How To Get Involved With Freestyle Ministries

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We understand people may be interested in getting involved with our ministry but may feel like they don’t have the time to commit or don’t know how to get involved. The truth is, we have plenty of ways to get involved! Some ways are quick and easy and some ways take more time depending on your schedule and what you are most interested in. Read all of the options below!


Join our prayer team! We believe in the power of prayer and firmly believe that we need it. We send out a prayer email once a month to our prayer team with our latest prayer requests. These requests come from the kids going to FRUIT. Magazine Club, letters we receive, volunteers, and knowing our own needs with the magazine and organization as a whole. To join the prayer team, you simply click the button below and fill out a quick form. You will then receive a prayer email once a month with all of our latest prayer requests.


Follow us on social media and share our posts! Sharing our posts with your friends increases awareness of Freestyle Ministries and all you have to do is click a button. It would also help if you made it more personal by adding a comment about why you are sharing our post. You can take it a step further by physically telling the people in your life about us. Word of mouth is powerful when spreading awareness and would be a great way to get involved with us! Go here to like us on Facebook and here to follow us on Instagram!


Order a magazine for yourself! You can fill out a form to preorder a copy of upcoming issues or order copies of previous issues! Full priced magazines are $5 a copy but many previous issues are on sale for $2 or $3. This money is a donation to Freestyle Ministries and we give you a magazine as a thank you gift. It may seem like a small donation but every dollar truly helps. When you order issues of the magazine, it helps us print more issues for the kids that need them! Order a magazine (or a few) for yourself below!


Host a Freestyle Session! Invite us to your church, small group, or friend group to speak about how Freestyle Ministries and FRUIT. magazine came to be. We will bring copies of the magazine for everyone to look at as we tell your guests how they can get involved. This isn’t a time for us to ask for money but simply to raise awareness! Click the button to contact us and get started setting up a Freestyle Session!


Become a leader for FRUIT. magazine club! We have a book club in the facilities where the book is FRUIT. magazine. We provide all of the materials you will need! You have to go through a simple process to get cleared through the county you live in to be able to lead. Then, we will go through our own training with you. The club itself consists of a welcome time, reading and discussing the article with prewritten questions, and a time to ask for prayer requests then praying to close. It is a great way to minister to the kids who read the article! Contact us below if you have any questions or are interested in leading a group.


Sponsor a facility to receive FRUIT. magazine for an entire year! We don’t charge facilities for the magazines they are sent which means we have to raise the funds to get magazines to them. Each quarter we can only print the magazines we have the funds for. You can help facilities be sure they can give their kids magazines for a year by sponsoring one. It also helps add stability to our budget as we know that facility is taken care of. Click the button below to learn more about the pricing break down as well as what facilities need a sponsor.


You can donate to us once, monthly or annually! A one time donation definitely helps but pledging to donate monthly or annually is very helpful as we are able to look ahead and plan our budget knowing what money we will have to help the kids we work with! We often say that every dollar helps and that is true! It takes $5 to get a magazine in the hands of an at risk teen in need of hope, healing, and the knowledge of how to break free from the habits that led them to incarceration. You can be part of helping teens know Jesus, know the dangers of new drugs, know when someone is grooming them for human trafficking, knowing the truth behind lies gangs tell them, know how to deal with mental health issues we all struggle with such as grief and depression and so much more! Click the link below to donate!

Tera Swigart