Ministry Spotlight: Eyes On Me


Eyes On Me is a ministry that we partner with. They have a similar vision as we do: to help kids who are in severe situations and are in need of the guidance of Christ. The ministry goes to “statistically low-income, high crime, overlooked, and under-served” areas.

Christian Hip Hop artist, Tre9, is the founder and president of Eyes On Me. He uses the discipleship process to turn at-risk kids to the Christian faith.

The process involves five steps:

1.       Connect with people where they are and share the Gospel.

2.       Cultivate an ongoing relationship built on consistency and trust.

3.       Challenge people to profess their faith, get baptized and become disciples of Jesus Christ.

4.       Covenant into a relationship and devotion to a body of believers.

5.       Commission disciples back into the mission fields to lead others to Jesus Christ.

This “5C Process” gives the good news to their students. But it also builds them up as leaders so that the kids can teach discipleship to others. The process repeats.

Eyes On Me has programs to help with their vision. One of them is the Disciple the Streets program, which brings hope to those in neighborhoods in distress with gangs and crime. It also gave the gospel with prisoners in Harris County jail. Some of them are now volunteers for the program.

Another program, called Hip Hop Hope, brings music and faith together. Volunteers help with the food and drinks involved in these outreach events that have live performances in low income neighborhoods. Volunteers also give out clothes and school supplies.

Tre9 and Eyes On Me have helped Freestyle Ministries and FRUIT. magazine in countless ways. One of the biggest ways they have help us is by opening the door for us at Stoller Foundation. Soller Foundation “incubates and accelerates non-profits that are focused on evangelism and volunteerism.” Eyes On Me is a grantee of Stoller Foundation and introduced us to the right people and gave us guidance to also become grantees. The grant we received from Stoller Foundation has created huge momentum and we are so grateful for the doors Tre9 opened for us. Another way Eyes On Me helps us is by providing us with many volunteers for FRUIT. magazine Club who are in the Disciple The Streets program and are required to be volunteering.

We are eternally grateful for Tre9 and the Eyes On Me team for their partnership, friendship, prayers, and time. We are thankful we get to join the fight of bringing the Kingdom to those in need of hope and healing alongside you.

For more information on Eyes On Me and everything good thing they do, click the the button below to go to their website.

Tera Swigart