Talent Show

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We recently had the privilege of partnering with Youth for Christ Houston and Harris County Juvenile Probation Department to showcase the talented young singers, dancers and rappers in the facilities. This was a multi-facility show, meaning we brought in the top 3 talented performers from each of the four facilities in Harris County. Each facility hosted their own preliminary talent shows beforehand to pick the 3 performers they brought. They were able to have several weeks of practice with the help of the facility staff leading up to the big show at Harris County’s Burnett-Bayland Rehabilitation Center. Along with the young performers, each facility brought in kids who were on good behavior. After all, the performers would need their friends as an audience cheering them on!

But the teens were not the only stars. I Am Justified, a Christian Hip Hop artist, came to the show to perform his faith-filled rap music and share a special message: to work hard on their talents and to use them to glorify God. Barrel Richardson with Youth for Christ was also there to play music and give out pizza, chips and drinks. What really got the kids excited though was the mini bundt cake they each received!

One kid understood the message and it showed. This aspiring Christian rapper stood out at the talent show with an entire rap song he wrote himself! A facility staff member even helped him by singing beautifully “Jesus Loves Me” during the break of the song. Most students wrote short flows but the structure of this song made it stand out. The message of the song was even more special. The song was about how Jesus changed this kid’s life and how he is going to do better things when he gets home.

I Am Justified is a missionary in the same neighborhood as this teen and the two plan to work on music together when he gets out. It’s incredibly exciting for him!

We cannot express enough gratitude to all who made this big talent show possible. It is because of you that these kids see their own worth with God and their God-given talents!

Tera Swigart