Kids Art and Writing

We are always amazed at the submissions we receive from our readers. The art and writing can be thought-provoking, like we can see into the life of the child through their work. These kids want to be heard. The kids get really excited every time their submissions are published. We send them a letter and Certificate of Publication each time they are published and you would be surprised how much they love that certificate. They often write us thank you letter after being published. Read some quotes from letters below.


“I feel very happy every time I look at my Drawing in the Fruit Magazine #18.”



“I’m so very glad to have you accept some of my work. With you guys and women standing by are [our] sides we feel welcomed.”



“I appreciate you’ll [ya’ll] taking the time and checking out my work.”



There are even kids facing long sentences who still gain hope with their work.


“It feels [fills] my conscience with tremendous joy too [to] finally be able to express myself.”



One kid, Tyler Hernandez submitted many pieces to FRUIT. Magazine. His interest in creative writing sparked when we published his work. He even won some money from participating in a writing contest!

Here is a poem that Tyler wrote:

Look Onto Thy Lord


Look onto thy Lord for when your heart is true

Look onto thy Lord for when your soul is blue

Look onto thy Lord for when people don’t come thru

Look onto thy Lord for when the Devil plays games with you

For the Lord shall overcome

He is the sword and shield

He is the light that destroys the darkness

He is a triforce of good alike

He calls the shots and does the smite

He is the one who protects our rights

He is holy and shines like a pure white light

Look onto thy Lord and you shall find peace

Look onto thy Lord and you shall be at rest

Look onto thy Lord and you shall do the best

Look onto thy Lord and you shall pass the test


We are happy to say that Tyler is currently working for us as a youth writer! Here is a picture of Tyler with the magazines that have his work inside.


Another kid, Anthony, was in total despair, but our publication of his submission really helped him out.


“Anthony was beaming when he said he’d been published in FRUIT. This is a young man was depressed to the point of being on suicide watch. He experienced a sense of self-worth and positive recognition. I applaud the efforts of Freestyle Ministries to give this sense of worth to young people who do not feel they have any worth.”

-Bob Voss, TJJD Mentor

This serves as a great reminder that what we do is really important! These kids are creatively expressing themselves, and it has been working for them! They are brightening their spirits through their creativity. So we encourage all aspiring artists and writers to give us any work that they want to create and share.

Hannah Johnson