A Lesson From Jonah

We are all children of God, so it makes sense that he is slow to anger with all of our mistakes and so easily forgiving. Yet for those of us who have lived a dark past, we believe ourselves to be unworthy of any sort of love. This goes for all kinds of love: self, familial, romantic and spiritual.

Let me tell you something. No matter how dark your past is, God still loves you! He loves you no matter what mistakes you have made!

Remember when Jonah kept refusing God’s order to preach to Nineveh? Jonah even went so far as to run away from God and suffered a colossal consequence for it by getting swallowed by a large fish. In short, he made mistakes and paid for them greatly.

But Jonah did something incredible. He realized his mistake and prayed to the Lord for forgiveness. Because of God’s love for Jonah, He set him free from the whale’s mouth. Jonah went on to preach the word of God!

Jonah 3:5-6 “And the people of Nineveh believed in the word of the Lord as spoken by Jonah. They turned away from their sins and fasted and sought the Lord, from the greatest of them even to the least.”

Look at the impact Jonah made. He lived his dark past of turning his back on God and was able to redeem himself through prayer and helping others. This led to the people of Nineveh worshipping God!

So the next time you feel unworthy of someone else’s love, look back on the story of Jonah. Remember that even when we turn our backs on God, He will always reach out to us in ways He feels He needs to. That is God’s love, and therefore shows that we are worthy of it!

Tera Swigart