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How will our kids relate to them? (Ex: They got out of a gang, community leader, overcame abuse, first to graduate college in family, overcame drugs, etc)
Ex: Athletes, Christian Rappers, Christian musicians, Graffiti artists (legal), Illustrators, painters, poets, street fashion, dancers, actors, etc.
Please explain.
We have recently covered: Grief, Holidays, Health Habits/Goals, Friendship, Relationships, Teen Parenting, Growing up without parents, Forgiveness, God over money, Human Trafficking
The column for our female readers.
Ex: Specific drugs, healthy living topics, mental health topics
Writing areas: Hey Ladies, Devotional, Gangs 2 Glory, Clean Living, Feature Stories/interviews, Artists Stories/Interviews, Book recommendations, Music recommendations.
We hope to find people who get the aesthetic that appeals to our kids and who will volunteer to design 1-2 spreads per issue.
Would you like to stay on the creative team?
Rather than meeting I will send out an email like this one for you to give your feedback 4 times a year.