BIG vision for their future

We have a BIG vision for the future of the youth we serve. In our vision we see the statistics surrounding these young men and women changing drastically for the better. We see our readers encouraging their peers and creating a culture for change within the facilities and the communities they live in. This is a BIG vision but we have a BIG God. We want to be a key part of that culture shift.

To accomplish this, our goals are to provide FRUIT. magazine to every juvenile justice facility in the US and beyond and to create new ways of connecting more deeply with our readers. We have developed three programs to help us accomplish these goals. These programs include: FRUIT. magazine clubs, FRUIT. release parties, and FRUIT. customization for organizations who want to customize FRUIT. for the youth  they serve. 

Students in class

FRUIT. magazine Clubs

OUR Fruit Magazine Clubs will dig deeper into the topics discussed in each issue. We will meet one Sunday a month for 3 consecutive months following new issue. The 3rd Sunday will be dedicated to sharing the gospel using the 3 circles method and presenting their identity in Christ. We will provide follow up with kids who make a decision to help lead the 3 circles in upcoming groups and connect them with partner ministries for discipleship. We will also provide our FRUIT. magazine Club curriculum to any interested organizations who order copies of FRUIT. for their youth. 


FRUIT. Release Parties


OUR FRUIT RELEASE PARTIES will be once a quarter as new issues are released. They will be held at a rotation of facilities in the Greater Houston area. We will bring artists and people from the current issue to perform for the whole facility. We will follow each Release party with sharing the Gospel and having a time for response & prayer.


FRUIT. Customization


FRUIT. CUSTOM ORDERS will help us increase both distribution and revenue. It will also help organizations to increase their own visibility and to connect more with the youth they serve.  For our custom magazines we change out our resource page for their local resources, we change the back page ad to their organization, we provide them with ability to write their own devotional, and we have three sponsorship ad pages to help them raise funds required to order the custom magazine. 

We have connections in close to 300 juvenile facilities nation wide already, so there is vast potential for growth through customization, we are also seeking sponsors to customize FRUIT. for prison facilities who house certified youth.

3-year goal:  To distribute FRUIT. magazine to 40 juvenile justice facilities across the US

10-year goal: To distribute FRUIT. magazine to juvenile justice facilities in every major city in the US and to serve every adult prison unit housing certified youth within the US