Letters sent to FRUIT. magazine


We have received tons of mail from kids all over the United States. Some are submissions, but many are letters thanking us for FREESYLE (formally FRUIT. magazine) and sharing how hit has helped them. Some of them are just asking for prayer, advice, or just simply want to share their stories. The response has been incredible.

One young man wrote us that while he was locked up another kid in his unit gave him a copy of the magazine (in this facility we have only been able to provide 1/3 of the population with a copy of the magazine). The kid shared that he was so far away from God and had such a hard time growing up that he tore up the magazine and threw it in the trash. THEN that night when he went to his bunk, sitting on his desk was another copy of FRUIT magazine. He said he stayed up all night just thinking about it and finally decided to give it a shot and read it. He shared that he is glad he did because now he is a soldier for Christ and has started attending Bible studies. He finished by encouraging other kids to make the decision to follow Jesus and thanking us for the magazine.

Prison hallway


God is not only using FREESTYLE (formally FRUIT. magazine) to minister to youth, He's also using it to give hope to adult inmates. We get a lot of letters from inmates requesting a copy of our magazine. The magazine manages to get passed around to different prisons. One recent testimony we received was about a man who had received a copy of Issue 10 with Pyrexx on the cover. In the article we discussed how people don’t have to look a certain way to be a Christian – how Pyrexx can minister to a whole group of people some Christians may not be able to reach. He’d never heard that before and always thought he couldn’t be a Christian because of his past and how he looked. God used Issue 10 to open his eyes and he became a Christian.

Juvenile Facility


All of the facilities we have worked with love FREESTYLE (formally FRUIT. Magazine). We’ve even had to remind staff that the magazines are for the kids. Perhaps the best testimony I can give to show how the facilities themselves value of the magazine is to share that several sponsor the facilities themselves for the youth they serve. That is HUGE! We even have heard of kids starting their own Bible studies in the facilities using FREESTYLE.



The ministries we work with such as Youth For Christ, Eyes On Me, and Free The Captives all have stories of how FREESTYLE (formally FRUIT. magazine) has helped the kids they serve or how we have helped to share the mission of their organizations with our readers. One example I have is from James Odom, Executive Director of Alternative Behavior and Gang educator. While he was working with youth in Harris County's gang unit, he met a young man who wouldn't open up and talk to him. He was very deep into the gang lifestyle. James tried different ways to engage this young man, then brought a magazine with him one day and asked the young man if he'd ever read one. The young man responded, “Yeah, I’ve read that – that’s real... they know.” James then shared that he was the author of the Gangs 2 Glory column. After that the kid opened up and was completely different toward him. Several Youth For Christ facilities in different states order copies of FREESTYLE regularly.



This is the best magazine I have seen for youth. No one talked to me when I was a kid. So, as long as I live I will send you whatever you think you can use to save just one of them from what I have experienced. You are doing something unique and they will respond. Thank you for letting me be a part of it. God bless you all.
— Jedidiah, Death Row Inmate
Thank you very much for making my dream come true when you make the next FRUIT. magazine. I just want to thank you and your magazine, without it I would not have found God. I am in a bad spot in life because I’m locked up at TJJD and both of my parents are dead. Without the light of God in my life I would still be lost right now. So, I just wanted to let you know I’m praying for you and thank you again.
— youth
Fruit Magazine is my modern day gospel tract. In addition to handing out to the kids in the facility, I carry 10 with me every time I enter the detention center, to pass out to kids that are arriving for the first time. This is a tremendous ministry.
— George Dyson, Minister at Galveston County Juvenile Detention Center
I finally changed and devoted my life to God. I grew up in an unstable environment. My dad was absent all my life and it wasn’t until late in life that I discovered my mom was an addict. During my time in this facility a youth gave me a FRUIT. magazine. I was so far gone I didn’t even look at it. I ripped it up and threw it away but later on that night when I got back to my cell there was a FRUIT. magazine, the same one, on my desk. I thought about it all night and decided to give it a chance and I’m glad I did because now, six months later, I’m a soldier for Christ. I’ve been baptized and changed my life for the better.
— youth
As a chaplain at a maximum security juvenile detention center, I try my best to flood the youth with anything to lead them down a better path. The first time I saw FRUIT Magazine, I knew this was one of those things. At least once a week one of my kids asks if the next issue has come in yet. They disappear within minutes once I set them on the table of the chapel lobby. I especially love when one of my students comes up to me and points excitedly to a picture they drew or a poem they wrote. They take so much pride in this accomplishment, as they should. The volunteers who work on this magazine are absolutely incredible. Their dedication and creativity astounds me. I cannot thank Tera and her team enough for all they do.
— Rachel Ellington, Chaplain 1, Ron Jackson State Juvenile Correction Complex
I read FRUIT. while I was locked up. The “Bars” article opened my eyes to see that Xanax is very dangerous. Could I get a copy to put on my website for my friends to read?
— youth
I just wanted to tell you thank you for doing FRUIT. magazine. It really made me think about changes I need to make when I get out. I know a lot of kids won’t listen, but I did.
— youth
Anthony was beaming when he said he’d been published in FRUIT. This is a young man was depressed to the point of being on suicide watch. He experienced a sense of self-worth and positive recognition. I applaud the efforts of Freestyle Ministries to give this sense of worth to young people who do not feel they have any worth.
— Bob Voss, TJJD Mentor
Thank you so much for publishing my last coloring paper, it mad me so happy that I cried. That was the best thing that has happened to me in a long time and I feel like I owe you. So, in that case I’m going to keep drawing pictures for y’all and for other kids around the world so that I know that even though I messed up I can change my life and also change someone else’s by making them happy because everybody needs to be loved and have God in their life.
— youth
Well, you have no idea how excited I am for my art work to be published in your magazine. I told everybody on campus that would listen. I think what you do is amazing and want you to know that you made a big impact in my life by just writing me back and letting me know someone cares. You are very right about having a hard life but my grandma always told me, ‘God gave his hardest battles to his strongest soldiers.’ I think she is right. This is the closest I’ve ever been to God and it feels wonderful.
— youth
Fruit Magazine is the one thing I know all the kids in detention and treatment centers read. They devour every issue, argue about who gets to read it next and ask me if I can advocate the publishers to do it monthly! They are very excited to see their own drawings and their peers getting published. They are very moved to read stories of people with lives like their own who discover Jesus and turn their lives around to be a blessing to others. It is my only way of reaching every kid on campus with the good news of Jesus.
— Claire Froehlich, MA, CACII, Chaplain, Youth For Christ, Denver